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Mathematics Coach

Muskego, WI

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Smarter Balanced Questions:  Format

Key Terminology:

1.  Claim

2.  Justification

3.  Support your Conclusion

Question Types:

DOK Level 1-

1.  Calculate/Show Answers

2.  Calculate and Drag/Drop Answers (Icons, Numbers, Etc.)

3.  Multiple True and False parts to a main question or idea

DOK Level 2-

1.  Draw or graph on grid lines (dot plots, equations, and figures; use connect line tool)

2.  Drag and drop multiple answers into categories (classify)

3.  Provide the answer with an explanation

4.  Multi-step questions that are routine or basic

DOK Level 3-

1.  Multi-step questions that are not routine

2.  Support a claim or explain why a claim is false

3.  Provide several correct solutions or choose all of the correct solutions

4.  Select the mistake and either fix it, explain why it is false, or identify the incorrect section within the example